Party Anywhere by Camille Rebustes

College is all about striking the right balance between study and party. Some bars have Thirsty Thursdays or other such named college-focused bar specials.  The most place popular on bars is Timog, Quezon City or Tomas Morato. According to my friends when you go there Thursday night you see that all the people there is come from different University.


There are as many kinds of student as there are individuals in the world. While many students may be attending college straight from high school, others may be older and returning to school. While some students may like to have many friends and enjoy a party lifestyle, others may prefer to get excellent grades and study almost all the time. The kind of student you are depends on the kind of person you are. For many, your time at college is a time of definition, of finding out what kind of person you are, and learning to live with more independence and responsibility for yourself than you ever have before. Fortunately colleges are aware of this and are designed to provide experiences that help students discover how they want to live. They all say that having a party with your friend is a part of college life and also experience. 




The bar bad sides are some people who curious about what happen inside so they tempting to get a fake ID. The Young guys typically get fake ID’s to enter the bar; because the Bouncers check every ID they get to see if it is real. College is an entirely different situation than high school. Classes consist of far fewer grades, but they are worth it when you are done. Some classes have only a midterm and final. Every college student is different and has different interests. I would imagine though, that most of them spend some of their free time studying and partying. Others will probably hang out with friends. Many people are not fully aware of the personal legal consequences they can face if a guest who drinks too much is later involved in an motor vehicle. To me it seems like you spend your teenage years learning to be responsible and mature. You work so hard to get into your dream college. But then some people go and party.



Fraternities getting closer to students by Camille Rebustes


Fraternities and sororities can offer a lot of benefits for college students. Hazing may create unity among new members, but often there are costs as well. The effect of hazing on a group can be like the effect of a hurricane on a community: residents feel closer to each other afterward but some may be suffering. More often, Hazing builds animosity between people and does nothing to foster trust, unity or respect. It simply makes better hazer. Occasionally there are new members who say they want to be hazed. But generally most do not want to be humiliated, intimidated, or physically abused. “Wanting” to be hazed usually means desiring an intense, challenging experience. It is not necessary to haze new members in order to challenge them. Some students join fraternities simply because they want to “belong” to a group. For most of these students, they hunger for attention, or recognition — something they find “wanting” at home (either because one or both parents are absent or seldom seen at home). Fraternities answer the “void” these students have. For other students, fraternities in themselves present a status — something you take pride in, because other campus celebrities or famous persons belong to the said fraternity. 



There are also students who were somehow “forced” to join fraternities out of peer pressure — if they don’t, they can be subject to ostracism or downright rejection. To avoid getting bullied, some students prefer joining fraternities to get protection. Ironically, though, these same fraternities become the very cause of student deaths or injuries.  Hazing may create unity among new members, but often there are costs as well. The effect of hazing on a group can be like the effect of a natural disaster on a community: residents feel closer to each other afterward but many are suffering. Would anyone suggest that it is good for a community to be hit by a natural disaster? The two most common negative aspects of joining a fraternity are brutal hazing and abuse drinking. Hazing is the harassment of new members as a rite of passage, by giving them meaningless, difficult, dangerous or humiliating tasks to perform, exposing them to ridicule or playing practical jokes on them. Major causes of hazing are students wanting a sense of belonging in a big college campus. It has always been seen as a secretive campus act when it comes to fraternity.


Cosplay by Camille Rebustes

Cosplay short for “costume play” is a form of dress up hobby that is popular among young people and even some adults. It is the term that was first coined by Nov Takahashi from Studio Hard after he had visited the 1984Los Los Angeles Science Fiction Worldco and saw the costumes there.

In the cosplay, participants or more commonly had known as cosplayers dress themselves up as their favorite characters from anime, manga, games or even movues such as Harry Pottter. The costume may be as elaborate as that of a robot suit from Gundam anime series like the Shana or Highschool of Dead. To appear more convincing, cosplayer adopt similar behaviour to the character they have chosen to portray while costume. And they enjoying competing in cosplay contest and performing their own passion in cosplaying. Cosplay costumes vary greatly and can range from simple themed clothing to highly detailed costumes. Cosplay is generally considered different from Halloween and Mardi Gras costume wear, as the intention is to accurately replicate a specific character, rather than to reflect the culture and symbolism of a holiday event. Some cosplayers choose to have a cosplay photographer take high quality images of them in their costumes posing as the character. This is most likely to take place in a setting relevant to the character’s origin, such as churches, parks, forests, water features and abandoned/run-down sites. 




This couple was really love a cosplay. And they said that their relationship was very strong because they have  the same hobbies and also said “ Mas nakikilala pa namin ang isa’t isa dahil nagkakasundo kami sa gantong bagay at nagtutulungan pa kami sa pag gawa ng costume namin”